McStas installation and questions

Emmanuel Farhi (71 83) farhi at
Fri Jan 22 16:20:08 CET 1999

The McStas computation on mica is going on, slowly. ok.

Arnaud heiss is coming to Risoe, on TAS6 with Des Mc Morrow. I've talked about TAS1 with him. It could be great to compare McStas results with our 'home' program ResTrax (which is perhaps faster, by really more specific for TAS instruments, and doesn't enable to describe anything as McStas). For this, we need a 'mecanical' description of TAS1 instrument (distances, components, etc) Of course it's in the lineup-1 file for instance, but a drawing is perhaps better (with the exact significance of parameter used). I guess you had to do so when writting lineup files for TAS1...

Arnaud might be quite busy on monday, but should have some time on thuesday or wenesday morning. Would it be possible for you to go and find him if you find time to do so ? Thanks !!

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