ECNS'99 and McStas references

Kristian Nielsen kristian.nielsen at
Fri Sep 10 13:45:49 CEST 1999

Dear McStas users,

While I was myself sadly not present at the recent ECNS'99 conference in
Budapest, Kim Lefmann told me that there were several presentations
mentioning McStas in addition to his McStas poster presentation. This
got me thinking that it would be nice to maintain a list of papers that
reference McStas; such a list would be useful to impress our current
sponsors and to improve the possibilities for future funding.

So, if you have a paper that references McStas, please send me a
reference for such a list (notes about as yet unpublished work is also
welcome, of course). I will make the list available on the web page.

Kim Lefmann also told me that some papers referenced McStas using the
web page address. Since this summer we have a better publication to
reference, the McStas paper that was published in Neutron News:

    K. Lefmann and K. Nielsen, Neutron News, 10/3, 20 (1999)


 - Kristian.

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