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Tue Jul 25 17:14:53 CEST 2000

As you probably know by now, Larry Passell has proposed that the H8 
Triple-Axis Spectrometer from BNL be used as a test case for intercomparison 
of Monte Carlo results.  Attached to this message is a Word document with the 
specifications of the H8 TAS which could be used to create a Monte Carlo 

The first step in the project must be to agree on model specifications that 
we can ALL simulate.  For instance, NISP is limited in arm motions, so I want 
to simulate a single setting of the TAS, with the only scan being a 
theta/2theta scan of the monochromator.  When I look at the list of elements 
in McStas, I don't see curved crystals.  If that is true, would the McStas 
team prefer that we change to sets of angled flat crystals (e.g., 3 for the 
monochromator and 5 for the analyzer)?  What modifications of the model do 
the ORNL folks want to make?

I hope that we can agree on the model quickly.  Then we can worry about what 
it is we are going to compare.  Total counts on detector, for sure.  Phase 
diagrams at different points along the instrument?  Transmission properties 
of each element?  What do you suggest?

Lets have fun with it --
   Phil Seeger
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