MCNP output for McStas...

Ulrich C. Wildgruber MPI fuer Metallforschung Stuttgart wildgrub at
Fri Feb 2 13:18:07 CET 2001

Thanks Robert for making this first step!

I'll be talking to people here at the FRM-II.
It shouldn't be to hard to get their support.
As little as I know about MCNP formatting the
output should not be too complicated. A couple
of years ago Luc Daemen did it for me and it worked
just fine. I am sure Luc would be happy to help
if necessary.
There is no need to rush at this point but before we ask
anybody to do some MCNP runs for us we should be pretty
clear how which neutron we would like to see in
those files and how many of them. I don't think we
want to ask the people who run MCNP more than once
to do this job (unless a moderator or beamtube are
changed or modified). I'll provide a short list
of issues and send it out on this mailing list to
get this discussion started...

Have a nice weekend


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