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Peter Willendrup peter.willendrup at risoe.dk
Mon Sep 2 10:19:15 CEST 2002

Hello Nina!

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Nina wrote:

> Where can i find the .exe file of Windows version of McStas?
> Your link at http://neutron.risoe.dk/news/1998.html does not work.

You are right - originally (1998), a beta version of McStas existed which
had windows support.

Unfortunately, supporting McStas on windows ended up requiring more work
than RISØ had at the time, hence windows was removed from the list of
"supported platforms". (At the moment, the supported platform is a unix
type operating system, e.g. Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, ...)

I have heard a rumour that someone (in Australia?!?) invested time in
porting McStas to windows, and a version was actually on the web.
Unfortunately, I do not have more precise information on who actually did
this work and whether the binaries still exist somewhere...

On the other hand, anyone interested in porting McStas to windows is
encouraged to do so! You will get all the help we can possibly give you...

Hope this answers most questions regarding windows support.

Best regards

Peter Willendrup

Peter Kjaer Willendrup, Cand. Scient

Phone: (+45) 46 77 58 62
email: peter.willendrup at risoe.dk

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