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PILTZ, Ross rop at ansto.gov.au
Tue Sep 3 01:59:50 CEST 2002

Hello All,

We at ANSTO (though not me at this time) are using McStas on PCs
with windows.  The mc3d & mc2d programs that replace the Perl
graphics modules are on the Risoe site but are not the most up
to date, and have some bugs.  I use the free Borland C++ compiler
that you can get over the web (it is a 9Meg download).

I haven't looked at any of the above for more than a year, and I
can't find the information that I used to submit my contribution.
As well I haven't compiled a new version of McStas for a while,
but some of my colleagues may have updated it.

If whoever is now responsible for the site could remind me, I
will zip up the various files and put them on the web site.

Cheers, Ross Piltz

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Ross Piltz contributed a GUI for Windows which also includes a
description for installing McStas on a Windows computer. More
information is found at http://neutron.risoe.dk/download/contrib/mc3d/ .

Best regards, 

Per-Olof Åstrand

Quoting Peter Willendrup <peter.willendrup at risoe.dk>:

> Hello Nina!
> On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Nina wrote:
> > Where can i find the .exe file of Windows version of McStas?
> > Your link at http://neutron.risoe.dk/news/1998.html does not work.
> You are right - originally (1998), a beta version of McStas existed
> which
> had windows support.
> Unfortunately, supporting McStas on windows ended up requiring more
> work
> than RISØ had at the time, hence windows was removed from the list
> of
> "supported platforms". (At the moment, the supported platform is a
> unix
> type operating system, e.g. Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, ...)
> I have heard a rumour that someone (in Australia?!?) invested time
> in
> porting McStas to windows, and a version was actually on the web.
> Unfortunately, I do not have more precise information on who actually
> did
> this work and whether the binaries still exist somewhere...
> On the other hand, anyone interested in porting McStas to windows is
> encouraged to do so! You will get all the help we can possibly give
> you...
> Hope this answers most questions regarding windows support.
> Best regards
> Peter Willendrup
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