[neutron-mc] mcstas-1.7 known problems page

Peter Willendrup peter.willendrup at risoe.dk
Thu May 22 13:04:11 CEST 2003

Hello eveyone,

As always, a newly released piece of software has minor problems
and things to know. 

Check the known problems webpage at 


for more info. In case you find problems apart from those listed, 
please report to neutron-mc at risoe.dk or mcstas at risoe.dk

The plan is to release a bugfix / doc update version (mcstas-1.7a)
in about two weeks time. 

This should give you all the possibility to find and report urgent
problems with the current release.


Peter Willendrup

Peter Kjaer Willendrup, cand. scient

Phone: (+45) 46 77 58 62
email: peter.willendrup at risoe.dk

If your messages to me are rejected take a look at:

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