[neutron-mc] NOP

Manuel Sanchez Del Rio srio at esrf.fr
Tue Sep 9 10:27:03 CEST 2003

Dear McStas users

we have released a new version of XOP2.1, the package of X-ray Oriented

It now includes the NEUTRON OPTICS PACKAGE NOP and can be freely
downloaded from the XOP site (it requires two installations, first the 
xop main package and second the NOP extension):


NOP includes:

simple calculation of neutron reactor spectra.

material cross-sections, attenuation coefficients, refractive indices,

IMD (Windt)
with a database of neutron refractive indices. This allows for the
calculation of neutron reflectivities by  multilayer using IMD.
(IMD for neutrons is included in the NOP distribution).

indexing and intensity of multiple Bragg diffraction by crystals.

perfect and mosaic crystal reflectivity and transmissivity. Works also 
for asymmetric geometry. Computes other interesting parameters like 
structure factors, Bragg angles, primary and secondary extinction 
coefficients and others.

a databases of: neutron scattering lengths and cross-sections, crystal
structures and crystal cell parameters, compounds related quantities.

XOP2.1 with its NOP extension is already available for Unix (Linux and 
Solaris) and Windows computers.

Lucia & Manolo

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