[neutron-mc] REMINDER ***Joint VITESS and McStas Training Course and Workshop* **

Champion, JDM (Dickon) D.Champion at rl.ac.uk
Tue Jan 6 17:21:45 CET 2004

Joint VITESS and McStas Training Course and Workshop

5th - 6th February 2004, ISIS Facility

In the last years, Monte Carlo simulations have proven to be a very 
essential and frequently implemented tool in the optimization of 
existing instruments and design of neutron scattering instrumentation 
for new facilities. Free open source and user friendly software packages 
such as McStas and VITESS have become available in recent years, and 
since then they provide an important aid for the developers of neutron 
This workshop is dedicated to introduce scientists to MC simulations of 
neutron instruments and experiments. Programming skills are welcome but 
not necessary.

The workshop will be organized as follows:
Morning sessions with talks about simulation results in general. Afternoons
with simulation training courses in groups with McStas and 
VITESS. The final program will be decided and announced in the beginning 
of January.

For the morning sessions, we kindly invite you to give presentations on 
Monte Carlo simulation results and about your experience with simulation 
software packages. Talks on results obtained by other packages than 
VITESS and McStas are also very welcome.

There is no workshop fee, and travel and local expenses would need to be 
covered by the participants. Please e-mail your intention of 
participation to the local organiser, Dr Dickon Champion 
(d.champion at rl.ac.uk) as soon as possible, with a final deadline of 10 
January 2004, otherwise accommodation will be more difficult to arrange.
Please let us know whether you wish to give a talk and the title of your 
Please also show your intention for accommodation. The accommodation 
will be at Cosener's House in Abingdon with a cost of £48 pounds per 
night (bed and breakfast).

A workshop website will be soon available at:


We are looking forward to seeing you at ISIS.

Best wishes,
The Organizers

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