[neutron-mc] making shared object from mcstas-r.c, under WinXP

Timur Elzhov Timur.Elzhov at jinr.ru
Tue Mar 16 16:01:57 CET 2004

Dear McStas experts,

I successfully compiled shared object libmcstas-r.so from mcstas-r.c
file, so now I'm able to compile instruments with --no-runtime option,
and link it with that library. That is all under _Linux_. But, when
I try to do the same under WindowsXP, I get linking error (MinGW compiler
was used):
  mcstas> gcc -Wno-unused -fPIC -O2 -c mcstas-r.c
  mcstas> gcc --shared -o libmcstas-r.dll mcstas-r.o
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x498d):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinstrument_source'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x4992):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinstrument_name'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x49a1):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinputtable'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x49ba):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinputtable'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x49d0):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinputtable'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x49d9):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinputtable'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x49ea):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcinputtable'
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x4a91):mcstas-r.c: more undefined references to `mcinputtable' follow
  C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccwVaaaa.o(.text+0x4bea):mcstas-r.c: undefined reference to `mcnx'

and so on, about 90 lines. Why?

Tnanks a lot,

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