[neutron-mc] Simulation Post doc position at Risø

Kim Lefmann kim.lefmann at risoe.dk
Tue Oct 25 15:45:54 CEST 2005

Dear all,

We are announcing a 2-3 year post doc position for McStas simulations in 
connection with ISIS TS-2. The main task in the position is to implement 
polarised neutrons in McStas and apply it to virtual experiments for TS-2 

See the announcement at www.risoe.dk/stillinger/stillinger_uk.htm

In case you know a potential candidate, you are welcome to contact me or 
just forward this announcement. Note the short deadline 15/11 (which does 
not imply that we have a preferred candidate already).

all the best,


Kim Lefmann
Senior Scientist
Materials Research Department
Building 227
Risoe National Laboratory

Phone: +45 46 77 47 26
Fax:   +45 46 77 57 58

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