[neutron-mc] Bug and fix: mcgui interface crashing with Gtk2 apps running

Peter Willendrup peter at willendrup.org
Mon Mar 27 15:34:13 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

NOTE: The problem below applies to Unix systems with gnome only.

Recent updates to Gtk (gnome library) has made the mcgui graphical
interface crash on startup/use of certain gnome applications.

If you experience this problem, please either

1) Install our locally patched version of perl-Tk:


(Source code package, requires you to do perl Makefile.PL && make &&
make install)

2) Apply the patch yourself from the patchfile available at



Peter Willendrup

Ps.: mcstas-1.9.1 with minor updates and bugfixes will be released very

Peter Willendrup <peter at willendrup.org>

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