[mcstas-users] Ubuntu 9.10 and McStas 1.12a

Peter Willendrup pkwi at risoe.dtu.dk
Tue Dec 8 10:00:39 CET 2009

Hello everyone,

People running Ubuntu versions prior to 9.10 and McStas installed from the mcstas-1.12a.deb debian package are adviced NOT TO UPGRADE Ubuntu, as PGPLOT/Fortran related package dependencies can not easily be resolved.

If you upgrade anyway or install from scratch on Ubuntu 9.10, the easiest way of getting McStas 1.12a working is:

1) Install certain Ubuntu packages:

apt-get install gcc gfortran pdl pgplot5 libpgplot-perl perl-tk make
(optionally also mpich2 libmpich2-dev)

2) Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash,  say "no" to installing dash as /bin/sh

2) Get the mcstas-1.12a-src.tar.gz package via http://www.mcstas.org/downloads/mcstas-1.12a-src.tar.gz

3) Unpack, build and install by

tar xzf mcstas-1.12a-src.tar.gz
cd mcstas-1.12a
sudo make install

Alternatively, wait 1-2 months and McStas 2.0 should be ready.

Best regards,

Peter Willendrup

Peter Willendrup - Development engineer

Materials Research Division
Frederiksborgvej 399
DK-4000 Roskilde

Tlf.: (+45) 4677 5862
Mobil.: (+45) 2125 4612
Fax.: (+45) 4766 5758
Email: pkwi at risoe.dtu.dk

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