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Emmanuel FARHI farhi at ill.fr
Mon Feb 4 20:51:12 CET 2013

Hello Boualem,

Perhaps you can use a lambda/divergence monitor after the source to see
what you get, or look at the source code of Source_div and identify how is
set the weight 'p' or the directional/velocity sampling.

What I see is that the velocity sampling is uniform within DeltaLambda,
and the directional/divergence sampling is Gaussian when 'gauss=1', and
uniform when 'gauss=0', whithin given divergence bounds.


On Mon, February 4, 2013 20:12, Hammouda, Boualem wrote:
> Hi Emmanuel,
> I am still using Mcstas on my old Windows XP computer and there it's
> working fine. I have a question about the neutron source. I am using
> source_div with DeltaLambda=0.1 and gauss=0. Should I assume that this is
> the output of a velocity selector and that the wavelength distribution is
> triangular with FWHM=0.1 or that the distribution is uniform? Thanks a lot
> for your help.
> Boualem
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> Hello Boualem,
> I transmit your message to Peter who has tested the McStas 2 release under
> Windows7 64 bits.
> Perhaps you should make sure to clean up previous McStas releases before
> you re-install McStas 2.0.
> Issues my originate from the fact that more than one McStas release can be
> installed at the same time.
> Also, instruments from McStas 1.x require some components parameter tuning
> (in .instr) to work with 2.0
> You should probably give us more details on what is broken in your case...
> Emmanuel.
> On Thu, January 17, 2013 18:33, Hammouda, Boualem wrote:
>> Hi Emmanuel,
>> Thank you for your involvement with mcstas. It's a very useful package
>> that I used effectively on a Windows XP platform. Now that we moved to
>> a Windows 7 platform, I cannot get the new downloaded version to work.
>> Has anyone tried to use mcstas with Windows 7 (with 64 bits)? Please
>> send some guidance or kindly redirect my message. Thanks.
>> Boualem
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