[mcstas-users] Installation on Windows 7 64-bit

Hussey, Daniel S. daniel.hussey at nist.gov
Fri Feb 8 14:38:21 CET 2013

While I can't give any advice, I can commiserate.  I also installed McStas 2.0 on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine including all the needed utilities.  
I was able to run the gui, but if I tried to run one of the example instruments I get an error that the path couldn't be found.
I copied the instrument file to the \bin directory, and the instrument compiled, but when I ran the simulation I got another path can't be found error.
Any ideas?


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Dear All,

I am having some problems installing Mcstas 2.0 on my windows 7
machine (64-bit). I have installed the recommended C-compiler,
Strawberry Perl and Python(x,y), with all the default settings. I then
went through and ran each executable file in the .zip file, in the
order discussed in the README. I initially managed to get the gui to
run, but failing the test, with nothing compiling, after a
re-installation I can now only get the command line to work.

I had no problems running the older 1.12c version. Do you have any
advice for successful installation?

Best Wishes,


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