[mcstas-users] abnormal result of virtual experiment

陈彦舟 wokaoyan1981 at 126.com
Thu Jun 25 05:04:09 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I’ve conducted a virtual experiment of residual stress neutron diffractometer by McStas 1.12c. The sample is shell-like: the outermost material is Al with 6mm thickness , the middle is Fe with 3mm thickness, and the innermost is 
solid cylinder of Al. In order to save simulation time for different sample sets, the code has been split into two 
parts. Ncount for part 1 is 10E9 and nrepeat for part 2 is 10E4.The simulation result, however, seems abnormal. The
 intensity detected by final PSD is about 22205.9 n/s with no beam spot found(see figure below)! In the case of 
ignoring the outermost Al shell, the intensity is around several hundreds with normal beam spot. So I doubt whether 
McStas could deal with more than 2 shells samples.


I have already attached the two parts of code in enclosure, and will anybody kindly take a few minutes to review them
 and give a solution to this problem? I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you!
Sincerely yours,


Mysource.dat (34.94M, 2015年7月25日 10:59 到期)
part1.instr (4.65K, 2015年7月25日 11:00 到期)
part2.instr (5.28K, 2015年7月25日 11:00 到期)
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