[mcstas-users] mcgui using a mint 17.1 VM

robert.dalgliesh at stfc.ac.uk robert.dalgliesh at stfc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 5 15:43:07 CET 2016

As requested on the install page.. I have found a number of problems with the packaged install.

Using a clean install of a Mint 17.1 VM an install of mcstas 2.2a fails to run simulations using mcgui.

It does not seem to be possible to run a simulation through the interface.

The error seems to be Tk based.

Tk::Error###: This shouldn't happen at /usr/share/perl/5.18/Text/Wrap.pm line 84.
Tk callback for .toplevel39
Text::Wrap::wrap at /usr/share/perl/5.18/Text/Wrap.pm line 84
main::run_dialog_create at /usr/bin/mcgui line 746
main::run_dialog at /usr/bin/mcgui line 818
main::my_system at /usr/bin/mcgui line 979
main::menu_run_simulation at /usr/bin/mcgui line 1278
main::__ANON__ at /usr/bin/mcgui line 1639
Tk callback for .frame.menubutton1.menu
Tk::__ANON__ at /usr/lib/perl5/Tk.pm line 251
Tk::Menu::Invoke at /usr/lib/perl5/Tk/Menu.pm line 532
(command bound to event)

In addition the bug that has been around for several releases regarding the killing of mcdisplay processes still seems to be live.
Pressing cancel either seems to leave the binary running or leaves the dialog box up.

Not sure of the cause.


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