[mcstas-users] CIF2HKL: a cloud service to create reflection lists for PowderN, SX and Sqw components

farhi farhi at ill.fr
Sun Jan 31 17:09:55 CET 2016

 Dear McStas users,

A new cloud service has been set-up to compute reflection lists for the
PowderN, Single_crystal and Isotropic_Sqw McStas components.

Basically, you should copy a CIF, FullProf or ShelX file into the
dedicated text area, select the content format accordingly, and press

You will get a ZIP archive for download containing the reflection list
and the log of the computation. Data files are not kept on the server.
Remember to properly acknowledge when using the software.

In principle, the files can be used directly with the components above,
as the header is automatically written. However, as usual, I can not
fully guaranty that the whole information is validated. Be cautious, and
check the file content line by line in the header.

The tool is available at <http://barns.ill.fr/cif2hkl.html>.

McStas-ly yours, Emmanuel FARHI.

PS: There is also a tool for IDL-to-Matlab code conversion using the
same system at <http://barns.ill.fr/idl2matlab.html>

FARHI Emmanuel <farhi at ill.fr>
Groupe DS/CS, ILL4/156, Tel (33) 4 76 20 71 35
ILL, Grenoble
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