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sdannyp at campus.technion.ac.il sdannyp at campus.technion.ac.il
Tue Aug 22 21:56:47 CEST 2017


I am new to Mcstas, and I am trying to simulate a double axis diffractometer. I am running into a few difficulties with the simulation:

1) I want to define a group of collimators and monitor detectors that are positioned radially around the sample, each having it's own scanning angle. This results in only the first collimator interacting with the neutron ray, as any neutron that misses gets ABSORB'ed. How do I circumvent this?

2) I would like to compare the results of the simulation with the theoretical Caglioti resolution function, that depends on the divergence angles of the collimators and the mosaic spread. As I've noticed, Mcstas uses a triangular transmission function for the collimators and not a gaussian one. Will the result be different than the Caglioti curve, and is this approximation reasonable for real collimators?

3) Are there any plans for a Mcstas workshop in the near future, and if so, where can I get more information?

Thanks in advance,

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