[mcstas-users] MCStas usage: simple TOF question

Diego Ferraro DFerraro at invap.com.ar
Wed Aug 23 21:29:05 CEST 2017

Sorry I made a mistake in the frequency (I was considering period instead of frequency). I include the updated figure in the attachment (in log scale). 
Nevertheless I cannot figure out the results behaviour of the TOF monitor for this configuration. 
Thanks again, 

>>> "Diego Ferraro" <DFerraro at invap.com.ar> 23/08/2017 12:32 p.m. >>>
Dear All, 
    I'm new in McStas modelling and I'm having some problems understanding the results from Code. I'm using the 2.4.1 version to model a simple TOF example using a reactor beam as source (thermal) and a disk chopper. My model (se attached .png) consist of Maxwelian source (using Source_gen), a non-reflecting beam (using guide with m=0), a Chopper (using DiskChopper) another ~5m beam after the chopper and finally, a collimator and an MCA in time mode (modeled using a TOF_monitor with 1000 Time channels). 
   I get the results in TOF monitor and several questions arise: 
   1 - The results are per unit time (1/s)  as for the flux ? (i.e. the TOF monitor represents the acumulated counts in 1s with efficiency =1) ?
   2 - I should expect that the transmision of the Chopper would change with its velocity, but I found no dependency in TOF monitor (see attached Figure). 
  Obviously I am missing something, but I cannot figure which is the problem.  
  Thanks in advance for any help,  
  Diego Ferraro

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