[mcstas-users] Off-specular reflectometry

robert.dalgliesh at stfc.ac.uk robert.dalgliesh at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Jan 29 15:31:59 CET 2018

Something like 10 years ago I ended up writing a simple multilayer component for specular reflectivity and as far as I am aware none has written anything that has been incorporated into the build since.  Someone may have something they have written themselves but otherwise I am afraid you may have to write something yourself.

I imagine that a collaborative effort would certainly be of interest to a number of those in the community. Perhaps you should contact the Bornagain team as an example.


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Dear mcstas users!

Is there any way to simulate off-specular reflectivity? We need it to provide virtual experiment results for publication.

Thank you,
Peter Konik
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