[mcstas-users] guide simulation

adrien.perrichon at stfc.ac.uk adrien.perrichon at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Jan 14 10:17:23 CET 2019

Dear all,

I'm trying to optimize the number of segments and m-values of a simple guide (elliptic defocusing, curved guide, elliptic focusing).
So far I have been using the "Elliptic_guide_gravity"  and "Guide_curved" components to get the right shape, and the "Guide_tapering" component to estimate the segment length effect (via the "segno" parameter).
To get a more detailed layout, I have been thinking of defining my own function for the "Guide_tapering" option parameter, but I believe there is a simpler alternative with the "seglength" and "mvaluesright"/"...left"/"...top"/"...bottom" of the "Elliptic_guide_gravity" component.
However, I couldn't figure out what was the right input format so far.
Could you provide me with a working example?

Kind regards,

Adrien Perrichon
Post doc at Uppsala U./ISIS

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