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Andrew Jackson andrew.jackson at esss.se
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Hi Peter

We (Richard Heenan and I) have a component that we use for the LoKI benders (attached) which was a modification of the Pol_bender component to allow us to have it bending downwards/upwards and still have functional gravity. This allows for different reflectivities and is truly curved as well as giving a curved representation in the model. 

You can find our LoKI model on bitbucket (link below) if you want to see how we use it.


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    Dear friends,
    just to avoid some double developpment: to my knowlegde there are the 
    following components or ways to simulate a standard curved neutron guide:
    Bender; allows for different reflectivities on top/bottom inside 
    outside; can have multiple channels; but behaves geometrically as 
    straight guide element (mcdisplay, coordinates of subsequent elements)
    Guide_curved; only one reflectivity definition for all sides, 
    geometrically correct definition
    polygon of Guide_gravity elements; allows for a polygonal approximation 
    only, has numerous options
    Having a number of truly curved guides in my simulations I would prefer 
    to have a component, which has the possibilities as it has Bender or 
    Guide_gravity but is a geomentrical correct implementation of truly 
    curved guide. If someone has done this or can tell me where I have 
    overseen it, I would be grateful.
    Bets regards
    Dr. Peter Link
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