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Mads Bertelsen Mads.Bertelsen at esss.se
Thu Oct 17 19:56:23 CEST 2019

Dear Peter,

This is merely a display oddity when gravity is simulated, as the ray moves in a parabola but only reports it’s position when scattered. You can view the horizontal plane where this effect does not occur. If you have a high horizontal divergence, the scattering events are also more frequent and it is easier to see that the vertical movement is parabolic.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
  Mads Bertelsen

On 17 Oct 2019, at 10.19, Peter Link <Peter.Link at frm2.tum.de> wrote:

Dear all,

I'm just doing some tests with this component in preparation of parabolic and elliptic guides. I wonder whether somebody else has observed the strange behaviour I got just now. Attached is a simple test instr setup. I saw an asymetric intensity distribution in y even with gravity "off". Doing a "trace" (see y-z panel attached) I saw that the rays are deflected vs -y at the entrance of the first parabola / ellipse.

A first glimpse into the code didn't tell me too much, where this could happen, but as far as I believe it shouldn't.

Any help is welcome.

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