[mcstas-users] [McStas 2.7] NCrystal sample problem after update

Peter Kjær Willendrup pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk
Wed Dec 16 07:32:56 CET 2020

Dear Michał,

As I remember, I built the McStas 2.7 release on Ubuntu 20.04, and perhaps there is a binary-compatibility issue with the NCrystal shared libs when running on 18.04.

I will investigate this further and come back to you again.


On 15 Dec 2020, at 21.20, Dembski-Villalta, Michal Piotr <michal.dembski-villalta at tum.de<mailto:michal.dembski-villalta at tum.de>> wrote:

Dear McStas users,

I’m writing with a problem concerning the use of NCrystal with the new McStas 2.7. We are trying to use McStas to simulate a beamline at a TAS instrument, currently trying to simulate single crystal samples and phonon scattering.

The same .instr file I used for McStas 2.6.1 and NCrystal 1.0.0, which came with it, worked fine for both a sample declared directly with McStas and an identical sample using NCrystal. However, after performing a clean installation of McStas 2.7 with new NCrystal that came with it, it works only with the McStas sample, with NCrystal sample not allowing to put in the parameters for the simulation. I couldn’t find a solution for it, therefore I would be grateful for any help with it.

Please find attached: the windows for parameters before simulation, the .instr file, Log from two simulations (McStas and NCrystal samples, one by one) and the sample declarations from the .instr file.
System: Win10, WSL1, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Michał Dembski-Villalta
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