[mcstas-users] [McStas 2.7.1] JUMP-ITERATE problems

abdel al-falou abdel.al-falou at tum.de
Fri Mar 4 12:04:22 CET 2022

Hello McStas team!

my name is Abdel, I'm currently working with McStas 2.7.1 to simulate 
the SANS-1 beamline at FRM-II.

I'd like to use the handy ITERATE tool in McStas to slice one beam guide 
into 54 parts, but I still have some difficulties with that. I have 
tried running the template from E. Farhi, <Test_Jump_Iterate>, but it 
only sets/displays two guides instead of the intended 30.

I'd be glad if you could help me figure it out, ideally via the template 

Thank you in advance,

Abdel A.

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