McStas adaptive importance sampling and resolution function

Kristian Nielsen kristian.nielsen at
Tue Sep 28 13:56:01 CEST 1999

Dear Philipp Bernhardt,

Kim Lefmann told me that at the ECNS'99, you asked for the resolution
function calculation and the adaptive importance sampling in McStas. I
have therefore now made available my latest development version of
McStas. I should warn you that this is all still in the development
phase, so it may not be as stable as the proper releases. Just ask me if
you have any problems. The new version includes

 - The resolution calculation stuff, with some documentation.
 - The adaptive importance sampling source Source_adapt.comp. There is a
little bit of documentation in comments in the file and in postscript.

You will need to install a new version of mcstas, called "mcstas-1.15
ALPHA". Since this is not of release-quality (yet!), I would like to
know if you pass it on to others.

The files you need are the new version itself:

The (sparse) documentation for the adaptive importance sampling (also
see comments in Source_adapt.comp):

The documentation for the resolution calculation:

 - Kristian.

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