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Kim Lefmann kim.lefmann at
Mon Oct 16 12:54:46 CEST 2000

Dear McStas users,

I have had many questions lately about the future of McStas after the
leave of Kristian Nielsen and the close-down of the Risoe reactor. I would
like to say that WE ARE MAINTAINING MCSTAS as a very high priority. We
are currently in negotiations with a person to replace Kristian. The
person is experienced in numerical simulations, and I am confident that he
will prove of great value to the McStas project.

Current McStas activities at Risoe concentrate upon elastic and inelastic
scattering kernels (vanadium, powder, mosaic single Xstal, phonon,
inelastic continuum). A paper about the general techniques for creating
sample components is in preparation. I assume the paper to be ready by
December, but if anyone is urgently needing it, they may recieve an
earlier draft. Maintenance of the McStas kernel will be resumed when the
new position is filled.

I have at a few occations mentioned the posibility of holding a McStas
WORKshop, with discussions, generation of components, and perhaps a few
general talks. I suggest a 4 day meeting with one-day sessions (polarized
neutrons/, neutron optical components/TECHNI, incorporating simulation in
data analysis/SCANS, and ESS instrumentation). I would very much like you
to reply to me:
 - whether you are interested in participating
 - which of the sessions you would be interested in
 - if you have any comments or additions to the programme sketch above 
 - which dates would be suitable for you. (I suggest January 2001 to be
well clear of the ESS instrumentation deadline of May 2001)  
 - if you know of someone outside the McStas mailing list who should
recieve this information.
 - if you have a good suggestion where to hold the meeting (I suggest
Risoe, but I do not object strongly to another location)

           Yours sincerely,
            Kim Lefmann,
       (Current McStas responsible)

Dept. Cond. Matt. Phys. & Chem.
Risoe National Laboratory

Phone: +45 46 77 47 26
Fax:   +45 46 77 47 90

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