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Kim Lefmann kim.lefmann at
Tue Nov 14 22:56:56 CET 2000

Dear fellow simulators

I have the pleasure to announce a Workshop on McStas and other packages
for neutron simulation:

Risoe National Laboratory
January 24-27, 2001


24/1 (from 1 pm): Planning experiments through computer simulations, how
far are we? (related to the EU SCANS network)
25/1: (all day): Extension of the McStas package, kernel and components
(especially sample components).
26/1: (all day): Simulation of ESS instruments
27/1: (until 3 pm): POlarized neutrons, how far are we? (related to the EU
ENPI network)

Workshop philosophy:

The Workshop will be very extensive, with emphasis on collaboration and
actual programming. Every day will have a limited number of talks, except
perhaps for the ESS session. A number of workstations with McStas
installed are available during the Workshop.

The session on 25/1 (and perhaps 24/1) may not be
too interesting for users of other packages than McStas, but 26/1 and 27/1
will be for all packages. There will not be any proceedings from the


A number of rooms are reserved at the Risoe guest house. If they fill up,
people are accomodated at hotels in Roskilde, which is 15 min away on
public bus.


Please send a non-formal indication of interest as soon as possible. The
formal registration date will be announced later.


The participants will have to pay for their own transport and
accomodation. A part from that, we charge a minimum fee (not yet
finalised). If the workshop recieves support from the EU round table, we
may a number of free travel/accomodation grants available for those with
limited funds.

Other issues:

In case of questions or comments (e.g. to the programme), please do not
hesitate to contact me.

Kim Lefmann
Senior Scientist
Dept. Cond. Matt. Phys. & Chem.
Risoe National Laboratory

Phone: +45 46 77 47 26
Fax:   +45 46 77 47 90

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