2e9 problem...

Ulrich C. Wildgruber MPI fuer Metallforschung Stuttgart wildgrub at dxray.mpi-stuttgart.mpg.de
Tue Mar 20 09:06:57 CET 2001

Hi all,

Emmanuel wrote:

I just realized that the '2e9' bug is still there, but more vicious. 
in fact, I passed ncount and run_num to long, because there may be rounding
errors when using float numbers,
and comparisons. I got unending simulations... 

Please use the attached files ! (lib/mcstas) 
Changing that requires to update Monitor_nD... (lib/mcstas/monitors) 



First of all I am not too surprised that the current use of 'run_num' is not
causing any further problems. However as far as counting the number of neutrons
goes having a 'double' for run_num works to go past 2e9 (and still have a run
which ends on it's own!)

I am not sure I understand what Emmanuel is saying...but I assume that at this
point Emmanuel has done a test run with Monitor_nD and that this test does not
come to an end if n > 2e9 - correct?
Now how could it work to pass a double to long if the value of the double is
greater than 2e+9? Maybe Emmanuel can describe at little bit more detailed what
he did...



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