[neutron-mc] All the best for McStas

Emmanuel Farhi farhi at ill.fr
Thu Aug 1 19:11:49 CEST 2002

Dear McStas users and Monte-Carlo neutron simulators,

This is just great. You probably noticed the new McStas site, which is
efficient, and pretty looking, as well as the resurection of the
neutron-mc list (with all archives, and the full list members). I have
updated most of the ILL McStas site links to the Risoe site.
I would like to join Kim and Peter in saying that we have a lot of plans
for the near future of McStas.
First of all, we shall continue the work around what we started together
last december in Risoe, where the first step towards version 1.6 was
done (It's today called 1.5a). Among the items on the to-do list, here
are some points we are thinking of:

  1. the NeXus format will be looked around, and possibly included in
     McStas soon
  2. new Kernel features (groups, share, extensions, possibility to
     restart a simulation, intermediate savings... ) will inspire the
     next release
  3. the installation problems that are now encountered on various
     systems (perl libraries) will be looked at, and we should hopefully
     come to a solution
  4. probably new components (inelastic... ??)

I'd like to invite all of you to participate and give a lot of
comments/ideas (and possible solutions if you think about some), so that
the next release becomes yours, including all that you would like to see
inside. Also, if you have components that may be usefull to others,
please send them to Peter <mailto:peter.willendrup at risoe.dk> with a note
explaining quickly how it works, and a usage example (reasonable
parameter values).

Hope you will enjoy what's coming soon !
Cheers, Emmanuel.

What's up Doc ?
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