[neutron-mc] Problems with single crystal

Gutmann, MJ (Matthias) M.J.Gutmann at rl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 2 09:53:17 CEST 2002


	some more questions about the single crystal component:

1) I understand that the ax, ay, az, bx, by, bz, cx, cy, cz
components describe the orientation of the crystal axes with
respect to the local coordinate system in real space. Using the 
YBa2Cu3O7 sample from the Laue tutorial with ax = 3.8186, ay = 0, az = 0,
bx = 0, by = 3.8843, bz = 0, cx = 0, cy = 0, cz = 11.6777 how
come that the 002 reflection can be seen at -90 degrees in the
PSD_monitor_4PI_log component? This should not be possible. How
should this be interpreted?

2) Placing a TOF_monitor at that position gives now neutrons thanks
to your advice. However, nothing that looks like a peak.

It would be really nice to use the single crystal as a sample to
simulate various aspects of a TOF Laue single crystal diffractometer.

Best wishes,


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