[neutron-mc] depannage manip - a typical case

Peter Willendrup peter.willendrup at risoe.dk
Tue Nov 19 09:56:11 CET 2002

Hello everyone,

The message below is a result of someones machine beeing infected with the
so called BugBear A virus. Do not be alarmed, the message sent to you was
disinfected in the RISØ mail system before beeing resent to you.

The adress of the machine sending the infected message is -> mix-grenoble-105-3-236.abo.wanadoo.fr

I have recieved also another infected message from the same host.

The machine in question may be owned by an ILL employee, since

1) Belonging to the Grenoble part of the wanadoo network
2) Having ILL / neutron related content in the sent mails

Would someone at ILL please circulate this information?


Peter Willendrup

Peter Kjaer Willendrup, cand. scient

Phone: (+45) 46 77 58 62
email: peter.willendrup at risoe.dk

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Bernhard Frick wrote:

> 8/3/99
> Bernhard Frick -> Jose Dianoux
> cc: T. Heidemann, A. Leadbetter, P. Leconte
> In the following  I will shortly summarize a loss of 16 hours
> experimental time with a dilution fridge on IN16 which happend yesterday
> , April.7th,1999.
> In my opinion it is a typical case, which shows, that the solutions for
> instrument break-downs out of working hours as proposed in the DS/DPT
> meeting - at which I have assisted by chance - do not work. ( as well
> for security questions).
> Monday: about 17:15      Chopper 1 on IN16 is stopped
>                                         as usual I try to restart, but
> becomes soon clear that this does not work
> about 17:30
>                                         I phone F. Descamps ( as was
> told in the meeting: phone the chefs)- the secretary tells me he is on
> travel
>                                         phone C. Gomez (mechanique
> chopper)- but he is no longer at ILL;
>                                         same for J.J.Vernier
> (responsable REFU) and T. Mary
>                                         I call the instrument technician
> O. Losserand who is still here and we try to find out why the REFU
>                                         does not want to reset
>                                         we check all securities, cables
> etc
>  some time later:
>                                         phone at ILL the chef in the
> hierarchy above (T. Heidemann; sorry Tony, only to annoy you)
>                                         get some private phone number
> from the reactor ( one of the numbers turns out to be a hotel phone)
>                                         try to contact P. Thomas at
> home( on travel as well),
>                                         The dilution fridge is at 200mK
> and we want really not loose all night of such an expensive experiment.
>                                         we open the REFU -  note that we
> pass the limits of what we are allowed to do from security reasons
>                                         The secretary of the electronics
> group finds one person from electronics.
>                                         He passes but he is no expert in
> REFU and Choppers
>                                         We decide to check two fuses on
> the low tension part of the REFU - note severe security problem !!
>                                         we change a broken fuse but  it
> breaks immediately again
> At this point we decide that we have to wait for the next day.
>                                         We try to run the experiment
> without background chopper, but the data are very bad.
> Thus we lost 16 hours of beam time -  or about 40 - 50kF. How expensive
> would be an 'astreinte' ?
> The first thing on next morning was of course that we were critisised by
> one of the experts, that we should not open the REFU. With some right he
> asks the question what would happen if somebody had an accident during
> this intervention.
> The REFU problem was solved on next morning within an hour.
> Bernhard Frick

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