[neutron-mc] Flux and Intensity

Timur Elzhov Timur.Elzhov at jinr.ru
Fri Feb 13 16:11:48 CET 2004

Dear McStas experts!

I have a spectra (a histogram) from the real source and want to build
my own source component based on that histogram. I looked through the
existing components like 'Source_Maxwell' and did it. One question
remained: what the normalizing multiplier should be chosen? At first I tested
the following instrument: 'Source_flux' with radius = 0.01m/sqrt(PI)
(so square = 1cm^2), and with target = 1e-4m (so very close to the source).
Plus Monitor with square of (0.01x0.01)m^2 was placed at 1e-4m from the source
too. Initial flux was 1e+13. But sum of Intensities from each Monitor bin
was 1.9e+14! But I'd like to get exactly the same flux on the monitor! :)
Where am I wrong?
Energy range on the source as well as on Monitor was the same, of course.

Thanks a lot.


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