[mcstas-users] structure factor issue

陈彦舟 wokaoyan1981 at 126.com
Fri Mar 1 02:47:27 CET 2013

Dear colleagues,
     The Al.laz file in McStas\lib\data shows that structure factor |F(HKL)| of Al is as following (part of the data):
                                 (111)                            1.3
                                 (220)                            1.2
     However, according to the formula we calculate that |F(HKL)|  of Al for all diffraction planes is 13.8.Besides, we find that |F(HKL)| s of other materials we calculated are quite different from the ones of McStas.
      My question is what is the formula used in the McStas laz files to calculate |F(HKL)|  and why is the difference.
      I'm looking forwad your replys.
Best regards,
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