[mcstas-users] McStas 2.1 upgrade issues from McStas 2.0

Paul Henry paul.henry at esss.se
Wed Oct 15 11:46:05 CEST 2014

Dear McStas team,

I have just upgraded from McStas 2.0 to 2.1 in order to use the new ESS source information. I run everything through the mcgui interface and everything loads normally and I tested with my existing files and got the same results as previous version. However, if I implement the new ESS source in a simulation file I get a whole of errors when I try to compile. It appears that the source component is not there as it questions a lot of the variables as not existing – examples in screen grab attached.

When I use the run command button it starts reading the configuration information as follows:
mcrun: reading local mcstas configuration from /Users/paulhenry/.mcstas/mccode_config.perl
/usr/local/bin/mcrun-2.0: reading local mcstas configuration from /Users/paulhenry/.mcstas/mccode_config.perl
Running simulation '/Users/paulhenry/McStas/ESSinstrument/20140318_ESS_fulldetector.out' …

Looking at my preferences I see that the runtime tool options still uses the mcrun-2.0 command. If I change this to mcrun-2.1 and try to compile I get an error that the execution of mcrun-2.1 failed. I assume this means that I am not actually using the Mcstas2.1 components or libraries as a result.

How do you suggest I get around this?



Machine is a Macbook Pro 2.7GhZ running OSX10.9.5
I have Xquartz version 2.7.6

Prof. Paul Henry
Instrument Scientist - Diffraction

European Spallation Source ESS AB
P.O Box 176, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address:  Tunavägen 24, Lund

Switchboard: +46 46 888 00 00
Phone: +46 46 888 30 82
Mobile: +46 721 79 20 82
E-mail: paul.henry at esss.se


Adjungerad professor i Neutronspridning
(Adjunct Professor in Neutron scattering - Diffraction)

Chalmers tekniska högskola,
Institutionen för kemi- och bioteknik,
Kemigården 4, SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden



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