[mcstas-users] Example of mcstas3.0 converted code.

Peter Kjær Willendrup pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk
Fri Oct 22 11:23:14 CEST 2021

Hi Garrett,

A quick response from vacation, I am off this week. - I will be back next week with more information. :-)

There are many, including these:

Source_gen https://github.com/McStasMcXtrace/McCode/blob/mcstas-3.0/mcstas-comps/sources/Source_gen.comp
Powder_N https://github.com/McStasMcXtrace/McCode/blob/mcstas-3.0/mcstas-comps/samples/PowderN.comp
SNS_source https://github.com/McStasMcXtrace/McCode/blob/mcstas-3.0/mcstas-comps/contrib/SNS_source.comp
MCPL_input https://github.com/McStasMcXtrace/McCode/blob/mcstas-3.0/mcstas-comps/misc/MCPL_input.comp

I do know that a more detailed set of McStas 2.x -> McStas 3.x instructions are missing, I will put something together as soon as possible.


On 21 Oct 2021, at 18.24, Granroth, Garrett <granrothge at ornl.gov<mailto:granrothge at ornl.gov>> wrote:

Hi All,
    I am looking for an example of a mcstas 3.0 compliant component that reads a file in the initialize step could you point me to one?



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