Mcstas example programs

Kristian Nielsen kristian.nielsen at
Fri Feb 12 13:52:27 CET 1999

> I'm mailing from Studsvik, Sweden because we're interested in learning
> about the Mcstas simulation package.  We eventually hope to use it to
> assist us in the design of a reflectometer.

Good luck, I hope you find it useful.

> The simulation was installed on a digital unix system.  I was trying to
> reproduce the results in the manual for the simulation of prisma by
> using the example file prisma2.instr.  To start I used the command
>   ./prisma2 --ncount=2e6 TT=-30 PHA=22 PHA1=-3 PHA2=-2 PHA3=-1 PHA4=0
> PHA5=1 PHA6=2 PHA7=3 TTA=44
> No counts register on the detector.  Although they are registered on the
> monitor.  I wondered if you could tell me what's going wrong!

That is difficult to say without more information. When I run the same
command, I do get counts in all the detectors and monitors.

We have some alpha machines at Risø, so if you could send me the
prisma2.c file generated by McStas and the prisma2 executable produced
by the C compiler, I could try to repeat your problems and find the

Btw., you might consider joining the neutron-mc mailing list (see

). This is a general list for discussing Monte Carlo simulation and
neutron scattering. It is not too busy but sometimes contains useful

 - Kristian.

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