[neutron-mc] Trace on Win32 with the Vanadium example

Philip Wilk PWilk-neutron at zenspider.com
Wed Aug 6 16:39:01 CEST 2003

I am trying to get a Trace of my simulation to work with Mcstas 1.7 on win2k box. It does not work. If I try to Trace the Vanadium example, it also does not work. It produces a .sci file, but when I try to run this file in SciLab I get this error:

-->exec('C:\mcstas\examples\mcdisplay_output.sci');disp('exec done');
Warning :redefining function: isempty

 !--error     4
undefined variable : clf
at line       3 of function PlotInstrument3D         called by :
line    32 of function endtrace                 called by :
line    46 of exec file called by :
exec('C:\mcstas\examples\mcdisplay_output.sci');disp('exec done');  

Am I doing this wrong? After choosing Trace, PlotResults, and Run in McGui is something graphical supposed to automatically happen like with a normal simulation?


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