[mcstas-users] Making a component GROUP-compatible

Emmanuel FARHI farhi at ill.fr
Tue Nov 25 12:33:35 CET 2014

Hello Sylvain and Peter,

I think the only requirement for the GROUP to work is
1- to ensure that all component internal variables (those in DECLARE) are
2- to ensure that in case of interaction, the SCATTER macro is used to
indicate 'this is the one to use in the GROUP'.

You may, I think, fix these in the code.
If it works, think to send back the corrected component so that next time
you and other users can employ the component directly.


On Tue, November 25, 2014 11:07, Peter Kjær Willendrup wrote:
> Dear Sylvain,
> I would suggest you take a look at Elliptic_guide_gravity by Henrik Bo
> Hoffmann Carlsen and Mads Bertelsen from Uni Copenhagen. If I remember
> correctly, it has exactly the properties you are looking for (and further
> takes gravity into account).
> It is used in the following example instruments included with the last
> McStas release:
> Reflectometer.instr
> Test_Guides.instr
> Test_Guides_Curved.instr
> Mads is the “expert” on using this component for various complex
> arrangements, I am putting him cc: here in case you need further, specific
> help.
> Best,
> Peter
> On 25 Nov 2014, at 10:49 , DESERT Sylvain
> <sylvain.desert at cea.fr<mailto:sylvain.desert at cea.fr>> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using the contributed component Guide_four_side from T. Panzner of
> PSI which doesn’t support the GROUPing method.
> My need is to simulate an elliptic guide where both vertical walls don’t
> share the same focal point.
> Guide_anyshape is also not a solution since it’s not possible to get
> different m-values for each side of the guide.
> Any idea how to make the component GROUP compliant?
> Any other idea how to simulate such a guide?
> Best wishes,
> Sylvain
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