[mcstas-users] MCSTAS_FORMAT=gnuplot leads to wrong 1D detector output

Peter Kjær Willendrup pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk
Fri Feb 13 11:12:04 CET 2015

Dear Andre,

On 13 Feb 2015, at 10:53 , André Kusmin <a.kusmin at tudelft.nl<mailto:a.kusmin at tudelft.nl>> wrote:

I am sorry, I forgot some basic rules of a bug report.

This is perfectly OK. :-)

I have Slackware 14.1  64 bit multilib , and I had this problem for both McStas 2.1 and McStas compiled from svn.
Some things do not work on Slackware out of the box, so I tested if this problem is reproducible on Debian.
And it is the same behaviour on Debian.
( DebianEdu/Skolelinux  Release:    7.8 (wheezy)  Arch: amd64 )
where I installed McStas 2.1  stable release using following sequence
apt-get install mcstas-manuals-2.1
(this installed    mcstas-2.1 mcstas-comps-2.1 mcstas-manuals-2.1 )
apt-get install mcstas-suite-python
then I manually installed pgplot5_5.2.2-19_amd64.deb
and then
apt-get install mcstas-suite mcstas-suite-perl mcstas-tools-perl-2.1 libpgplot-perl

The strangest thing to me is that when I run instrument-executable compiled on Debian  (e.g. TestSANS.out)
on a machine with no mcstas (mcplot,etc) installed
I will get wrong 1D detector output file ! (with only one column out of four) if I will issue
MCSTAS_FORMAT="gnuplot" before running
Setting MCSTAS_FORMAT="something" also leads to wrong results

So, I can't see how mcplot or other auxillary McStas tools can be a source of the problem

I will test this behavior on Mac Os Maverics next time I will boot into MacOs.

You indeed seem to have found a general problem! I have just reproduced the bug with a different instrument on OS X Yosemite…

I will try to dig for the cause of this early next week.



Dear Andre,

With which version of McStas did you experience this? - Under some very special circumstances McStas 2.0 can exhibit this type of issue.

It would also help to try reproducing the problem to know the exact system you are running on, i.e. what OS and which version.

I firmly believe the setting of MCSTAS_FORMAT to gnuplot will not affect anything: In the internal c-code of McStas the “gnuplot” format is actually unhandled and we revert to the traditional McStas or PGPLOT format. The setting of gnuplot only affects the tool-layer, i.e. mcplot etc.



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